Emergency Management, South Africa

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  • Disaster preparedness and emergency response reference material, job opportunities, and related information.
  • Provides trauma response services after personal, duty and work-related disaster.
  • Information network promotes business continuity and survival strategies, including disruption prevention, preparedness, mitigation, emergency response, disaster/data
  • Providers of emergency services and restoration following large scale damage events caused by natural and man-made disasters.
  • Offers emergency management and response software, news and general information.
  • Offers an emergency notification service that facilitates contingency planning, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.
  • Provides customized security, environmental and emergency management inspection and oversight services to private and governmental clients.
  • Offers information and tools across the business continuity spectrum. Associated with a quarterly publication of the same name.
  • Describes assurance and systems integration services which are provided for availability, reliability and security within systems and communication technology
  • This disaster recovery planning portal is intended to be a launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity planning process.
  • An interactive portal which provides information and background to assist with disaster recovery planning.
  • Located in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Conducts research and provides training related to disasters such as evacuation, public response, emergency planning and
  • Offers interactive voice messaging solutions for emergency notification.
  • Offers training and awareness programs, contingency and plan validation, and recovery agreements. Based in Texas.
  • A rapidly deployable tactical emergency asset management system.
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity, and staff notification via telephone, fax, e-mail, or SMS.
  • Publishes news, support and advice for organisations and individuals for developing Business Continuity Management skills.
  • Provide continuous application availability solutions for business continuity, disaster recovery and continuous backup for uninterrupted server access.
  • Provides 911 operations support systems services to incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers and wireless carriers. (Nasdaq: TRDO).
  • Risk management and business continuity solutions for computer, telecommunications and other critical operations.
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