All Things SA maintains an in-house database of business contact information covering the whole of Africa. This includes over 1 million South African businesses and over 500,000 African businesses. Additional data services include person specific business data (e.g. by job title and industry) as well as consumer data with access to 50 million records. The in-house database is updated yearly and includes all standard contact fields (tel, fax, email, address, company name) with records pre-grouped into 17 broad industry segments, as well as being further classified into over 15,000 specific business classifications. Currently the All Things SA website enables registered users to search the database using keywords and area filters to create campaigns which they can then purchase outright.The company is currently developing a combined data portal where users will be able to search the entire database, along with 400,000 specific person designation details, and view the data for a small monthly fee. Roll out for this project (which will be under the URL: is expected to be mid March 2012
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