We work with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into an Asset of Value™; this is a business that you can easily raise growth finance for or that you can sell at a premium price. Passion is crucial to successful entrepreneurship but passion alone is not enough. Purpose is vital to build your business right from the start so that you can be sure you have an Asset of Value™ in hand when you choose to sell. You have to get this right because for us as entrepreneurs, our businesses are our pensions! We work with entrepreneurs from start up all the way through to growth stage (average annual turnover of R60m) and we work across industry and sectors.We also work with: > big business to develop strategic enterprise development and preferential procurement programs > technical incubators to support commercial incubation> angel and venture capital funders to scrub, clean and manage their investments into small businesses> institutions of higher learning to commercialise their IP> ....and you!
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