Omnia has been in business for 58 years and is listed in the Chemicals sector of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, with a market capitalisation of approximately R 6.5 billion. Omnia is a diversified provider of specialised chemical products and services used in the chemical, mining and agricultural sectors. The Group differentiates itself from commodity chemical providers by adding value at every stage of the supply and service chain through technological innovation and by deploying our intellectual capital. We make our business model sustainable by targeted backward integration through installing technologically-advanced plants to manufacture core materials such as nitric acid and explosives emulsions. Besides securing sources of supply, this enables us to improve operational efficiencies throughout the product development and production chain. The Omnia spirit underpins its service ethic, brings innovation to the fore, creates value for its customers and ensures integrity in all that it does. Annual Revenue is aound R10 billion and the company has opeartions in 26 Countries.
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