TGIS specialise in the integration of management information systems. Our core product is the IMIS (Integrated Municipal Information System). IMIS is based on GIS, Document management, Process Automation, Communications Hub and Web technologies.Associated with our core product offering are a range of services which enable the true value to be experienced. We have a 3D Mobile Mapping vehicle for rapid data acquisition, this data is mainly used for asset management and valuation purposes. TGIS also have field teams which are supported by industry leading engineering firms to manually collect and assess municipal infrastructure for the purpose of GRAP 17 compliant asset registers.Cadastral data cleaning and financial linking is our bread and butter. We clean deeds data linked to SG diagrams and then link this to the clients billing system to visually display the billing data. Our team of dedicated software engineers excel at creating custom systems. For all your municipal system needs contact TGIS, our dedicated team are waiting to help you solve your problems!
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